Leaders are the levers for winning in an unpredictable world.
HowAt Duke Corporate Education, our purpose is to get leaders ready for what's next.

Business Outcome Focus

  • We take the time to listen and to understand your needs and your situation. That allows us to help you develop your people in the context of addressing your specific business problems and opportunities. We use education to enable solutions to your toughest issues.

Innovation & Flexibility

We draw on a broad range of learning methods and an extensive network of educators, as well as delivery sites around the world. We select the elements that best match your challenges, culture and budget and blend them into a fully integrated experience.

Our perspective is global and our clients are drawn from around the world. At the same time our goal is to operate with local sensitivity everywhere. We have delivered programs in 72 different countries.

Thought Partnership

We bring to the table people with deep learning and business experience,who work with you collaboratively to shape or rethink how learning happens in your organization. We don't have all the answers. With our experience and expertise informed by your institutional understanding, together we can craft the right solutions for your needs.